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Padamism is a website to celebrate Tamil cinema & padams.

Padamism : A devotion,attachment, fondness,celebration etc of Tamil cinema padam's.

Padamism Meta score:

It is a qualitative rating system based on top Tamil padam reviewers.Padamism distills many critics voices into a single Metascore A Single score could summarize the many reviews available for a movie.It is a weighted average of the most respected Tamil padam critic reviews online. Padmism's mission is to help viewers make an informed decision about how to spend their time and money on entertainment. We believe that multiple opinions are better than one, user voices can be as important as critics, and opinions must be scored to be easy to use.

Top News:

Among busy hours it is hard to catch up with all the news and happenings around and hence we present the top 9 news of the day for each day around 6 p.m to know the main happening news about kollywood padams.

Top Movies:

Top 5 Movies of the week : When it is hard to choose among varied movies releasing every weekend,we help to choose the best among them with the ranking of the top 5 movies running in theaters each week based on Padamism metascore. Top Movie of the Month : To honour the best padam of the month based on Padamism metascore (single voice of all the best tamil padam critics) Top Movie of the Year : To honour the best padam of the year based on Padamism metascore (single voice of all the best Tamil padam critics)

Coming Soon:

Stay informed of the upcoming padam's and their release date, with countdown of remaining days left for the release of each padam to spice up the pulse of eager fans.

Padamism Editor's Review:

Apart from the Metascore for detailed analysis of a padam Editor's review is a detail analysis of what works and what could have been better in each movie and what each padam brings to Tamil cinema with a verdict and rating to decide better about a padam.

Audience Voting:

To know the pulse of the fans for each movie,viewers can provide a score (based on the scoring scheme) and single line verdict by logging in from their Facebook accounts.

Also Catch the latest videos and trailers as and then when they are released.